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Gate Passes NOW: $5 At FAIR: $8

Carnival Tickets at Camp Verde Bashas, Safeway, Food City, Sedona Bashas

Carnival Tickets AND Gate Passes: Camp Verde Feeds,  Cornville Mercantile, The Cowboy Shop, Olsen's Grain, Suzy Q Market

2021 Livestock Rulebook

​EGG FORM here

YOUTH RODEO ENTRIES for Wednesday, April 28, 2021

We are so excited to host the Youth Rodeo on April 28th - Please fill out the above entry form and the Medical Release (CLICK HERE) and the Code of Conduct (CLICK HERE).  All 3 items need to be turned in prior to April 20, 2021

April 28 to May 2, 2021

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Wednesday April 28th

                           4:30 pm            Youth Pet Show in Large Show Barn
                           4:45 pm            Public Speaking in Large Show Barn
                           5:00 pm            Cavy / Rabbit  in small animal open pavilion
                           6:00 pm            Youth Horse Timed Events

Thursday, April  29th

                          8:00 am            Dairy Goats                9:00 am  Egg Judging
                         10:00 am          Pygmy Goats        

                         11:00 am           Breeding Swine          11:30 am  Waterfowl
                          1:00 pm            Turkey                          1:30 pm   Poultry
                          1:00 pm            Dairy Cattle                  1:30 pm   Breeding Beef
                          3:00 pm           Breeding Sheep            4:00 pm  Breeding Goat
                          5:00 pm           Sr.  Small Stock Round Robin  Gyberg/Pavilion
                          6:00 pm           Pig Showmanship  lg stock barn
                          6:00 pm           Jr. Small Stock Round Robin Pavilion

Friday, April 30th

                         8:00 am            Market Swine
                         Breed and Fed to  immediately follow respective show
                         11:30 am           Market  Goat
                         1:00 pm            Market Lamb
                         4:00 pm           Small animal dress review
                         5:00 pm           Market Steer

                         7:00 pm            Rodeo

Saturday, May 1st

                        8:00 am         Sr. Large Animal Round Robin
                        9:30 am         Jr. Large Animal Round Robin
                        1:00 pm          Awards Ceremony
                        1:30 p.m.        Buyers Luncheon
                         3:00 p.m.       Livestock Auction

                         7:00 pm         Rodeo

Sunday, May 2nd 

3:00—5:00 pm  Cleaning of all pens, and equipment removal
4:00—5:00 pm   Breeding,  small stock & private  animals leave
5:00 pm               Barns Close
5:00 pm                Large stock market animals leave

2021 Arts and Crafts  

We are ready for you to start entering your items.   Please read "How to Enter your Art" HERE.   There are 3 entry forms

1. Entry FORM 

2. Entry Form for QUILTS

3. Entry Form for Fine Art and Photo 

Entry Requirements are found HERE - this will give you all the details on Judging, when and where to bring your items, the costs to enter.

Entry divisions and classes!!!!

Fair Theme

Persons with Disabilities

Ag Mechanics            Craft and Hobby

Culinary                     Fiber Arts

Fine Arts                    Floriculture/Horticulture

Minerals                     Models

Photography              Quilting

School Art                  Sewing and Needlecraft