Wednesday April 28th

                           4:30 pm            Youth Pet Show in Large Show Barn
                           4:45 pm            Public Speaking in Large Show Barn
                           5:00 pm            Cavy / Rabbit  in small animal open pavilion
                           6:00 pm            Youth Horse Timed Events

Thursday, April  29th

                          8:00 am            Dairy Goats                9:00 am  Egg Judging
                         10:00 am          Pygmy Goats        

                         11:00 am           Breeding Swine          11:30 am  Waterfowl
                          1:00 pm            Turkey                          1:30 pm   Poultry
                          1:00 pm            Dairy Cattle                  1:30 pm   Breeding Beef
                          3:00 pm           Breeding Sheep            4:00 pm  Breeding Goat
                          5:00 pm           Sr.  Small Stock Round Robin  Gyberg/Pavilion
                          6:00 pm           Pig Showmanship  lg stock barn
                          6:00 pm           Jr. Small Stock Round Robin Pavilion

Friday, April 30th

                         8:00 am            Market Swine
                         Breed and Fed to  immediately follow respective show
                         11:30 am           Market  Goat
                         1:00 pm            Market Lamb
                         4:00 pm           Small animal dress review
                         5:00 pm           Market Steer

                         7:00 pm            Rodeo

Saturday, May 1st

                        8:00 am         Sr. Large Animal Round Robin
                        9:30 am         Jr. Large Animal Round Robin
                        1:00 pm          Awards Ceremony
                        1:30 p.m.        Buyers Luncheon
                         3:00 p.m.       Livestock Auction

                         7:00 pm         Rodeo

Sunday, May 2nd 

3:00—5:00 pm  Cleaning of all pens, and equipment removal
4:00—5:00 pm   Breeding,  small stock & private  animals leave
5:00 pm               Barns Close
5:00 pm                Large stock market animals leave

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April 28 to May 2, 2021

2021 Livestock Rulebook

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