COVID - 19

With the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we are getting a lot of questions regarding the impact this is having on our 2020 Fair, so I wanted to reach out and give you all an update.
At this point we are, just like everyone else, taking it one day at a time and working to keep things on our end running as smoothly as possible. I’m very happy to say that as of right now, we plan on having the 2020 Fair as scheduled April 29th – May 3rd. 
We are, of course, not sure what new developments tomorrow may bring or what new protocols may be implemented in the coming days or weeks that could affect the way we do business. What we do is largely dependent on other businesses and government agencies, so as others are changing their policies and day-to-day operations, we may see an impact. Also, we work very closely on a daily basis with Local, State and Federal agencies, so any directives that they pass down could certainly affect our ability to have a fair and that info will be passed on immediately to you. On March 31, 2020 at 5 pm we will have the next meeting to discuss the fair.
At the moment there is nothing in the works that we foresee having a great impact on our ability to keep things up and running in anticipation for the 2020 fair, livestock show and auction but keep in mind our first priority is keeping our staff, your families and the community as safe as possible. As things continue to change, we will be making decisions with that at the forefront of our minds and will take any precautions we and the community feel are necessary to keep everyone out of harm’s way. I will continue sending out updates as they become necessary.

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