12 Square Art Show: What kind or art fits in 12 Square inches? Any kind you like!  Enter the 12 Square Art Show and (almost) anything goes.  Your $5 entry fee includes your canvas and every time you enter you help provide canvases to local schools.  We’ve had carvings and quilts, abstracts and portraits, photos and stained glass and more!  You must use a VVF kit available at Olsen’s Grain, or The Verde Valley Fair Office.  Find more info HERE.

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Art Show:  We are adding a Fine Art Show to Fall Festival.  Enter your artworks for $10 each. Entries will be judged and prizes awarded.

Get all the details HERE.


In 2020 the Arizona Flywheelers will be joining us for Fall Festival!  If you have questions regarding the Flywheelers Antique Engine & Tractor Show visit www.arizonaflywheelers.com or contact Gary Covert 928-301-0649

Craft Show:  Items sold in the Fall Festival Craft Show must be handmade or hand decorated.  We offer both indoor and outdoor booths, fees vary.  New Vendors must complete the Craft Vendor Application and submit for approval (do not send booth fee with application).  If you have had a booth in a prior year you will receive a contract in the mail in August.  Get your new vendor application HERE.

Quilt Show: We started the Quilt Show in 2018 and it was a hit! For 2019 we went bigger!!! For 2020 we want to EXPLODE out of the room.  So if you are a Quilter, check out the information HERE.

When you are ready to enter your quilt, get the entry form HERE.  Entry fee is $5 per quilt. 


Photography Show: Enter your photos in our first annual Fall Festival Show.  Entries will be judged and prizes awarded.  $10 per entry.  Get all the detail HERE.

Club and Non-Profit Organizations:  Churches, service clubs, schools, special interest clubs (excluding political parties or candidates) receive a 10x10 outdoor space in exchange for providing a family friendly activity.  For information and to register look  HERE